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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can prove effective relief from persistent or acute discomfort and pain. It is also an excellent way to better understand the aches and pains we all inevitably feel on an irregular basis. Discomfort is a useful indicator of health and well being and need not be ignored. We hope that our clients become more aware of their bodies, gain knowledge of why they experience the issues they do, and continue to work with us to resolve issues as they come up.

About Us

Body Balance Massage and Stretch Therapy was opened by Andrew Keith, R.M.T. in 2012. Working as a massage therapist has been his passion since he began practicing in 2006. He is profoundly happy to practice his work in a space that shares his values – working with Moksha Hot Yoga in Saskatoon has been an excellent fit. Hot yoga, in particular, prepares tissues for deep manipulation by introducing heat when at the same time the practice of opening, breathing, and expressing postures limbers the body further. Deep tissue, therapeutic and relaxing, our work is facilitated by yoga. Because our office is located inside Moksha Hot Yoga, it’s easy to couple a yoga class with a massage. To see our schedule and make your appointment, head to our online booking.

Why choose Body Balance Massage?

The most significant and meaningful benefit of massage therapy is overcoming discomfort while at the same time learning how to better let go. Being able to relax takes a surprising amount of practice. Massage therapy is a practice of letting go, opening up: relaxing. Massage facilitates one’s own project of learning and practicing how to let go. Massage therapy helps one explore and discover tension that one might not even realize is there. We work with you to share our expertise, knowledge and experience.

At Body Balance we specialize in therapeutic work with the goal of both being effective and feeling effective. After your first treatment, even if you have a longstanding complaint that cannot be resolved in one treatment, you ought to feel like something productive happened, like you did something good for yourself that was worth your time and money. Though working through one’s most tender and sore complaints can be intense, it ought not ever be overwhelming or painful. Our work is surprisingly relaxing and always feels productive.