To Speak or Not to Speak: Intuitive Massage

Intuition is somewhat of a blanket term for three distinct skills: intuitive touch, reading body language, and communication. Intuitive touch is the recognition of feedback - not necessarily from the person but from the tissue. Here are my thoughts on intuitive massage. 

The Myth of Deep Pressure

Deep pressure and relaxation are often considered antithetical to each other. Massage is often discussed as if it is either deep or it is relaxing and never both. Deep pressure and relaxation are inaccurately assumed incompatible with each other. Depth of the work is not a goal or a technique but something that comes about when a client is able to relax enough to allow for the pressure to go deep. Read more

Wrist and Hand Sequence

I took a workshop from Kit a few years ago and still use his work both in my practice and as personal prehab/rehab. The following video is from his YouTube channel. In it, he goes over a 10 min wrist and hand sequence that I continue to use.  He describes the exercises he goes over as "ESSENTIAL for body workers and computer users" - speaking as a massage therapist, I couldn't agree more.

For more like this, check out Kit's YouTube channel.


The Pain of Understanding

I often think of myself as playing detective. I ask questions, I gather information, I refine those questions, I decipher the information I am given, and I help the client be witness to their body and pain. "Understanding" is from both the client and the therapist's perspective. Understanding is facilitated by the therapist via asking questions explicitly but also by intuiting what the client feels via body language. Read more