Meet Your Therapists

Andrew Keith, R.M.T.

Andrew’s massage therapy practice is deeply indebted to his work with stretch therapy and his background in philosophy. His work is therapeutic at its core with a focus on trigger point therapy, deep breathing, client focus, and deep muscle stripping. Managing client expectations while setting up both short and long term goals has become an important part of advancing his client's health. Andrew Keith, R.M.T. has been a member of the Massage Therapist Association of Saskatchewan (MTAS) since graduating in 2006, working with Body Balance Massage and Stretch Therapy since its inception in 2012.

He has attended intensive workshops in anatomy, facilitated stretching and stretch therapy. He has taught professional development and systems anatomy and physiology to new massage therapist in the Massage and Hydrotherapy Program of McKay Career Training. Most recently he finished a B.A. honours in Philosophy from the University of Saskatchewan.

While it’s important to focus on the client, it’s also good to know your therapist is taking care of themselves. Andrew is an active person, walking, biking and running everywhere. Before or after work, he trains in boxing at a local competitive gym or he practices hot yoga in the same building where his office is located at Modo Hot Yoga.

Bri Descalchuk, R.M.T.

Briana has been a practicing member of MTAS in Saskatoon since graduating from the McKay Massage and Hydrotherapy Program in December 2005. She has worked along with chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists and reflexologists. Beginning in May 2012 she has focused her practice around the John F. Barnes' Myofascial Release Approach®. This therapeutic approach consists of gentle but firm sustained pressure applied to fascial restrictions. The fascial system is an uninterrupted 3D web of tough connective tissue that spreads throughout the body from head to toe. It is what holds us together and gives us shape. Trauma, poor posture and inflammation can cause restrictions in the fascial system that bind down like a straight jacket on pain sensitive structures like nerves, muscles, blood vessels, bones and organs. Currently there are no medical tests that show myofascial restrictions so they are commonly missed or misdiagnosed.

Briana's goal is to return you to a pain-free, active life through a whole mindbody approach focusing on alleviating chronic pain and improving range of motion beginning with proper assessment. She will encourage you to focus on finding the cause of your discomfort and not just concentrate on the painful symptoms. As John F Barnes always says "begin with the area of pain and look elsewhere for the cause." Are you tired of being in pain? Do you feel like you have tried everything but you are still uncomfortable? Are you ready to try something different? Give myofascial release a shot. Let's remove that painful "straight jacket" together!