What to Expect at your first massage

The massage

Before every massage therapy treatment, your registered massage therapist will spend a few minutes with you collecting relevant information to determine the character of your complaint and how to proceed with the treatment. After the treatment, a short debrief gives the therapist and client an opportunity to briefly verbally consolidate the work done that day.

Our treatments are therapeutic, meaning our goals are to provide therapeutic relief to complaints felt or assist in preventing future complaints. Registered massage therapy is an effective and relaxing way of alleviating muscular tension and resulting discomfort. Whether working on a specific problem or a general one, we seek to develop a treatment plan that is both satisfying and effective. Though a deep state of relaxation is not necessary for achieving results, taking advantage of techniques that encourage relaxation and calm, such as deep diaphragmatic breathing, can make a massage both more productive and enjoyable.

Tenderness is expected but we think a good massage feels effective, not painful. Ideally, the pressure of the therapist will never exceed the client’s comfort level. This is achieved by the therapist and client communicating openly. Good communication makes a good massage, whether that is by goal setting in the beginning and silence thereafter or continued communication throughout the treatment. The therapist will often gauge appropriate pressure by visual, as well as verbal, cues—grimacing and shallow breath are indications that the pressure being applied is too much.

New client?

If it’s your first time in our office, we recommend coming 10 minutes early to your appointment to accommodate filling out a standard case history and consent form. The doors are often locked between appointments so if you come 30 minutes early, don’t be alarmed if the doors are not open as the therapist is simply with another client and will be out soon.

On the table

You’ll be asked to disrobe whatever areas will be worked. Most often you will be asked to disrobe either everything above the waist or down to your bottom underwear. Some people are more or less comfortable being more or less disrobed: whatever your comfort level, you have every right to ask for the treatment to be modified to accommodate your preferences. It’s important that you are comfortable for the work to be productive.

The therapist leaves the room when you disrobe and doesn’t return until you are comfortably under the sheets, on the massage table. The sheet is then moved away from areas being worked so that the area worked on is accessible. Then, the sheet is replaced when work moves on to another area. The draping of the sheet ought always feel secure, safe and comfortable for both client and therapist.

Online booking

For your convenience, we offer online booking but you can also contact us by phone (306-653-0615).